Friday, February 19, 2010

Stash bustin'

I started sewing in July of 2009, inspired by the birth of my daughter and the adorable little clothes that can be made for tiny baby girls.

Since then, I have acquired machines (I have six), patterns and notions, and, um fabric.  Lots of fabric.  Around 300 yards of adult fashion fabric, give or take.  So for Lent this year, my sacrifice is to not purchase any fabric, patterns or machines for the duration, and to do significant stash reduction.  I've already sewn, waddered or donated 21.5 yards for the month of February.  I have a paper or two to write this weekend, but I should be able to knock out another 5-10 yards of projects this weekend.


  1. That's not a bad idea! I wish you the best on your "stash bustin".

  2. Good luck on your stash busting! I seem to be going by the "one yard out, two yards in" rule instead!