Sunday, February 14, 2010

McCall 5666

OK let's face it: this makes me look fat.  After I made this, I mentioned to my husband and son that I thought it made me look fat.  My son said, "yes it does."  I think 10 is a good age to discover that you should not agree when a woman says something makes her look fat.

This top has a ridiculous amount of ease.  I cut a 14, which is my usual size--corresponding to about a size medium in ready to wear.  I messed up when I was cutting this and cut an 8 in the sleeves.  As I was sewing, I found I needed to take in the sides quite a bit.  This sucker runs huge!


  1. I love this top on you and don't think it makes you look fat at all. These types of blouses are meant to be billowy (sp?). The fact that your fabric is really pretty and subdued and is paired with this relaxed style, gives an overall elegant look to your blouse. I love it!!!

  2. I agree with Victoria this top does not make you look fat in any way . It's just the style and it is very pretty indeed.

  3. I think it's very pretty, and I don't think it makes you fat at all. I think it's the kind of design that looks very seductive when you move, and your curves show under the garment, but when standing still, like in a photo, it isn't necessarily as attractive as in real life.

    And yes, 10 is a good age to begin the 'how to relate to women' training. It does seem to take some time to soak in, so why not start early? :)