Monday, February 8, 2010

More pants--Burda 8513

I have been on a pants quest lately.  Having conquered one Burda pattern, I bought a few more and am slowly working my way through my stash of fabrics and patterns.

This weekend, I completed this "muslin" of Burda 8513.  I really like how these turned out, but somehow when I attached the waist band, it was slightly off and I wound up with some unintentional pleat/tuck thingies:

This fabric was from a bolt I scored from C&C Fabrics here in Dallas.  This place sells el cheapo bolts of fabric with flaws that I use for muslins.  Sometimes I get lucky and can actually use the fabric for something I'd wear in public.  Anyway, this was $1/yard for a 9.75 yard bolt.  The end of the bolt, about a yard or so, had some kind of weird flaw where it tapered off from 45" to 35" inches or so from selvage to selvage.  Very strange.  This is a stretch cotton lycra that I really like but that produces lap wrinkles like linen.  I'm going on a fabric fast for Lent so I don't know if I'll score any better bottom weight in the next week or so but that's OK.  I still have other pants patterns to be muslined.  Here's another shot with the wrinkles in sharper relief:

I think it's obvious I need more practice with zippers.  Here's my butt-ugly zipper:

Finally, a shot in the office bathroom:

I really do like these pants.  Unlike the other pair of Burdas I made, these are size 40s.  The last pair were a Misses style, and this pattern is from Burda's "Young" line.  Maybe they are cut more like junior sizes?  Not sure, but these fit me really well I'm a happy camper.  In the future, I'll make the larger size for muslins and sizing down as appropriate.  It's easier to size down than to size up!

I have a bunch more pants patterns to try.  I think I'll make these again in black denim with pockets and belt loops, then move onto another out of print style, Burda 8119 low-rise pants:


  1. It's cool you scored so much bargain fabric to make your pants muslins with. It's great you keep plugging away at making pants--I just started mine. You picked a great pattern to work with:) Have fun on your quest to make the perfect pants.

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