Monday, February 22, 2010

I was productive this weekend.

I made a bunch of new stuff on Saturday:

Simplicity 2605.  Easy going together, but I picked the wrong size!  I made a 14, should have made a 12.  Still it has been quite a while since I attempted a zippered skirt, and this one isn't bad.  I'll probably make another one and Goodwill this one.

A turtleneck from the February issue of La Mia Boutique.  It's basically a turtle neck with gathers at the neck. Only I screwed up the neck.  There are more gathers on one side and hardly any on the other.  I may just turn this into a crew neck tshirt.  Also, I made a size 44 (which according to my research, should be a size 10 in American RTW. But, this is quite loose on me all over, particularly in the shoulders.  I think the whole thing needs to be taken in.  I'm disappointed it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but I think it's salvageable and I love the loud, loud print.  I will try this again in a different fabric and the next size or two down.

Of all this weekend's projects, this one turned out best.  It's Vogue 8597, lengthened into a dress.  Can't wait to wear this one to work.

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