Sunday, February 5, 2012

Style Arc Elle pants, in progress

Second pair of Style Arc Elle pants, made in a stretch patchwork denim.  Not sure if I love them.

My 12-year-old son loves them.

Edited to add a red pair.  I'm wearing them for Valentine's Day.


  1. Those pants looks wonderful on you and I do love the pattern. You did a great job. A TNT pattern for you. I have read so many good things about this new pattern company. Those great pants have convinced me to try this pattern for myself. Thanks for the great review.
    Beth in OK

  2. Just read your PR. I like the patchwork ones because they are different and funky. You carry them off well. Am a believer in if yoou like it go for it. wouldn't it be a boring old world if we liked the same things.