Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pants, pants, pants.

I've been trying to make pants for weeks now.  Actually, I tried my first pair last fall--it was a disaster.  Two more pairs earlier this month found a similar fate so I changed pattern brands from Simplicity to Burda.  The Burdas fit a bit better.  This is the second pair I have made of this style, Burda 7590.  The first pair seemed too small but I didn't put the zipper in them yet and I keep forgetting that cotton sateen will grow as the day wears on.

I am wearing these to work today.  These are size 40 and my initial impulse to size down to size 38--even though size 38s should not fit my hips--appears to be correct.  The ones I thought were too small are size 38s, and I wonder if after inserting the zipper and wearing them they would actually fit me properly.

I guess I've made about five pairs of pants now.  The issue with these is the huge amount of extra space in the waist (2 or 3 inches) and the wrinkles in the front and hips.  Also, they give me extra saddle bags!  I think I just need to finish the 38s and see how they fit.


  1. Do you have a copy of Pants for Real People? It is the same folks as Fit For Real People, and based on what you are saying I think that you might need to not only blend between two different sizes, but also taper in at the waist. I have the same issues, and I have made dozens of pairs of pants, finally getting a good fit a few months ago. But, Pants for Real People was really the key to me figuring out my fit issues.

  2. I may just try that! I really think I'm pretty close, as these fit me better than the other two Simplicity pants I tried before. Since I have the 38s finished except for the zipper, waistband and hemming, I'm going to finish those up and see how that goes. Thanks for the input!